Baby Shower Pics

I've posted the photos from the Baby Shower for everyone to look at or download if you wish on Zooomr. I've been using Flickr, but with a free account you only get so many megabytes of uploads a month and only three photo albums. That's why I'm starting the Get Alex a Flickr Pro Account Fund. It only takes $25 to get a year of Flickr Pro and you get unlimited uploads and unlimited albums. So think about donating to the cause. More info on Flickr Pro accounts here. Link to the rest of the photos below.

Miranda's Baby Shower

Announcing the BBC

Hello again everyone! I've recently been posting a lot of videos this week so those relatives who live farther away can see what is happening with our favorite infants here. To better organize all these videos I've created a video channel on Vimeo, the place where I host all my videos. This channel is called the BBC (Baby Beat Channel). It's available at It will have all the videos available 24/7. Right now I only have two different videos, but I hope to add more. I've started to include High Definition versions of some of the videos too. If you have videos of the Peruso babies e-mail them to me at I'll be sure to add them to the channel. Thank you and I hope you all enjoy this channel.

Ella Sophia Lytle now in HD

Ella Sophia Lytle Director's Cut HD from Alex P. on Vimeo.

Hey everyone! I spent today reworking the Ella video to put it in 720p High Definition. You will only find this video here (well, until I get a Blu-Ray burner). This video will play on any screen and on any computer. All you need is high-speed Internet. Enjoy!

Note: Click the link below the video to take you to the main video page to play it in HD. Once there, click the "Full" button to watch it in fullscreen and get the full experience. If you watch it on this page it'll only be Standard Definition.

Ella Sophia Lytle Director's Cut

Ella Sophia Lytle Director's Cut from Alex P. on Vimeo.

Thanks to modern technologies we can have digital cameras, computers, and high-speed Internet. I recently made a Director's Cut of the Ella movie I made back in '06 just to brush up on my movie-making skills I'll need for my next production. This video was only shown at Ella's 1st Birthday party and nowhere else. I've just uploaded it to the Internet for anyone to see. I hope you all enjoy this special presentation.

UPDATE: Original version available at

We're back!

It's been a while since I've posted on Baby Beat. Various other things have been going on. Anyway, a lot has happened. We now know the gender of Dom & Miranda's baby. I heard that some people would like to keep it a surprise so I won't be posting that here. If you want to know, ask the parents themselves. Also Ella recently got sick with pneumonia. She's much better now and at about 99% better. Oh and tomorrow we have the baby shower for Dom & Miranda's baby. Anyway, I plan on writing more posts for this blog as we approach the day when the latest member of our family is born. I also plan on making some changes to the blog itself, like changing the look and making it more interactive. Anyway, we're back!

Photos from Ella's 1st Birthday

Hey all! Just finished uploading a bunch of pics of Ella's 1st Birthday. Check out the slideshow below.

Ella's 1st Experience with Cake

Recently Ella had her first experience with some ice cream cake. The moment was pretty enertaining watching Ella shove the cake in her mouth as the chocolate fudge and ice cream smeared all over her face. Follow the link below for another photo.